Our Life Is Here- January in Red

Happy New Year!  This year my amazingly talented photography friends decided to start a new photography project.  Each month we will have a color theme, January is Red. At first I was worried about how to come up with the photos for this project, but they actually came pretty easy.

Colten celebrated another birthday this month.  I baked him his favorite chocolate 2-layer cake and we went out to eat at a new restaurant, his choice.  The wallpaper made of albums was really neat so I couldn’t pass a chance to take a photo with my iPhone.


Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-9Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-10Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-11

We’ve been drinking a lot of green smoothies for a few months now.  Once you find the right mix they can be so addicting.

Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-2

Lizzie got her permit this month, where is time going?  It doesn’t seem like she should be old enough yet.  I know I’m kind of cheating here, not much red but it’s too important to skip:)

Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-1-2Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-1

Lizzie and I had a date night in Sioux City this month.  We both picked up some of our favorite things.  Lizzie got some new books and I picked up a White Chocolate Mocha- I wish I could replicate these at home.

Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-8Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-7

So far winter has been pretty mild, but I love to pick up flowers to remind me spring is around the corner.

Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-6Angel Jepsen Photography- Western Iowa-5

We thought it would be fun to share some images from each of us this month.  Below is just a sampling of the talent in this group click through each post to see them all.  Check out Dinah Reece of Dinah Reece Photography here, I’m smitten with her architectural photography.

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