Fall 2014

This fall has really been flying past.  Lizzie wanted to decorate pumpkins this year though so we made it happen.  14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-2

We worked on it out in the garage to keep the mess out of the house.  She wanted to use one of those carving kits that provide you with some really neat patterns.


14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-17

After cutting out the bottom of the pumpkin it was time to get started.

14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-30

Did I mention she painted her nails all swirly to be more festive?  She loves to try out Pinterest ideas on her nails:)

14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-53

She was saving the seeds to bake, but things got to busy and we ran out of time.

14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-70

It was kind of neat to watch the owl take shape.  While we had used carving kits in the past this was the first time I had seen them recommend getting the pattern wet and covering it up on the pumpkin with Cling Wrap to hold it in place and prevent it from drying out.

14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-45

14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-93

She was trying to convince me to make spaghetti from the innards…. I don’t think it would taste the same as spaghetti squash.

14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-114

Hope everyone’s having a safe fall. It sounds like we might be getting snow soon:)

14-10-26 Lizzie Pumpkin-133-2


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