Fair Time

Once again it’s time for the fair.  The kids have been working with their livestock and projects all summer to be ready.

The first day is always the Swine Show which is a little bit easier than cattle because there really isn’t a lot of grooming to be done.  By the time you get to the fair you give your pigs a bath, brush the wood chips off, and go out to the ring when it’s your turn.  A judge will decide how to rate your hog based on muscle and build and you get a ribbon or trophy for your work depending on what he decides.  At the end of the show they always have Showmanship judging.  This year Colten was happy to win Senior Showmanship.  Yay Colten!  This means the judge has been watching you through the night and he likes how you show your hogs in the ring as well as, how you work with fellow showmen.

2014 Swine Show 4H Fair

The next day is always the Cattle Show which always take more preparation.  Leading up to the fair you bathe your animal daily to help their hair display better, some people even give their cattle air conditioned rooms to help with hair growth.  The day of the fair you wash them, blow dry them, and you style their hair with styling products that are created for cattle.  At the fair you lead the cattle with a halter similar to what some people put on their pets.  You need to work with your calves a lot before attending the fair to get them used to being led.  Again, there is a judge who rates the quality of the livestock and awards you accordingly.  After they are done showing the calves get a bath and supper.

2014 Cattle Show 4H Fair

The last day is the Style Show.  This is where all of the 4-H projects that aren’t livestock or static exhibits are judged.  Lizzie prepared Mexican Corn Dip for Pride of Iowa.  Pride of Iowa is for 4H members in 4th thru 8th grade, they prepare some type of food with a product grown in Iowa and must use one piece of electric kitchen equipment to prepare the recipe, it is a non-speaking presentation.  Lizzie also wore a dress for the Clothing Selection part of the Style Show.

2014 Style Show 4H Fair

That evening is the Livestock Sale.  Because of how contagious pig illnesses can be all swine must be sold at the fair and go to a production facility.  This year we sent a pig to Tiefenthaler’s in Holstein.  They make the best brats around.  Cattle can either be sold or brought home, usually people will continue showing them at other livestock shows through the rest of summer.

As soon as we get done with our local fair we have the County Fair.  Lizzie brought a table that I will share in a later post and received a blue ribbon.  Colten and two of his friends did a 3 Stooges Mime that they had prepared for Speech in school.  Each time they do it they change something up, during the school year the three of them got on a motorcycle with a sidecar to go fishing, which was really funny.  For the fair they were all on a bicycle to go fishing and it was still funny.  They made it to the Iowa State Fair with their Share the Fun project which will be fun to watch again.  :)

2014 Share the Fun Iowa Fair


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