5 Things Learned at Color Me Rad

Last Saturday Lizzie and I completed our first 5k thanks to the tickets we received from Color Me Rad. As newbies to this type of thing we had no idea what to expect.  We had a great time and I thought I would share 5 things that we learned on our first color run.
Color Me Rad Iowa-3 We started the day with a clean photo:)While waiting for our heat to start there was music and Zumba to warm up to, as well as some fun color!

Color Me Rad Iowa-2

While standing near the stage hoping to catch one of the many free t-shirts they were throwing out we were covered in pink corn starch.

Color Me Rad Iowa-4

There were people of many ages and sizes.  I would guess that the average person was in their 20’s.  There were lots of strollers and wagons being pulled.  I would say most people jogged and walked the race.

Color Me Rad Iowa-5

We had a blast!!  We had more fun than we had even anticipated.  I wish they had these types of things when I was in my 20’s I’m excited to see how fitness will play such a strong role in my children’s lives as they become adults.  There are way more *fun* fitness things to do today than ever I hope we make it to many more:)

Color Me Rad Iowa-7

What did we learn at this 5K?

  1. Carry a drawstring backpack through the race so you have somewhere to put your keys and things of that nature.
  2. If the color run is more than 5 minutes from home bring a wet wash cloth in a ziplock bag, or facial cleansing wipes and baby wipes, and moisturizer with sunscreen.
  3. Don’t wear your favorite sneakers because this probably won’t come all of the way out.
  4. Put your cell phone in a ziplock bag to keep it clean.
  5. Join in the crowd and have fun!!

We hope to see you at the next color run!:)



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